About When Does The Pub Open

We’re just a group of pub loving lads, thirsty for a pint and a barstool again. As much fun as it’s been cracking open a warm beer at home, Boris has promised the pubs are opening again, and when they do, they’ll have to scrape us off the bar with a pool cue.

Seeing as there’s nothing better to do except wait, join us in counting down every day, hour, minute and second until the pub opens, and we can throw an ice cold beer down our throats, play darts very badly and, best of all, socialise with mates and loved ones (or just stare at our phones in front of a bowl of chips).

We avidly followed every twist and turn of the Coronavirus pub restrictions, cheering when the pubs came back in July, and shedding a tear when they closed their doors for national lockdowns in November and January. Now the pubs are coming back in April, with all restrictions hopefully lifted in June, and we couldn’t be happier.

When we’re not staring at our Pub Countdown Timer, measuring every second until our local taverns wipe the dust of their doors and kick their barrels into gear, we explore pub history, and pubs with a twist. We look at everything from famous pubs from movies, to murders in pubs, so if you want to know which friendly country pubs once harboured murders, skeletons and corpses, check out our blog section.